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  1. InfraRaven

    As im watching I noticed Facebook, Amazon and Google's logos being laid out as "G A F". Close one

  2. paranormal lazivity

    I got a glovo ad on this video which is ironic

  3. Curtis Osborn

    so are they actually doing a scam?

  4. Arya

    Are they the once who inspired jake Paul to talk about finances???

  5. madseanz

    What about Ted kaczynski??

  6. Veronica L

    They are getting too much money, so they use it on remaking the same movie, or writing books, but then they will get money from those, so expect more, I guess? Haha oh no

  7. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9.That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen. Repent and turn from sin! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out.

  8. LauraBell94

    My parents loved this but I caught glimpses of it while they watched it and it felt VERY... dogmatic

  9. tknocke

    This might be your best work yet! A+

  10. IcyDog ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    E IS THE E!!!

  11. Ashli Hill

    Thank you minimalist Steve Buscemi for your wisdom, a copy of your dvd on how to be a minimalist is all I own now.

  12. josefa gomez schmeisser

    I hope my dad doesn't find this on netflix

  13. KittySnicker

    Why is this adult woman going out with a kid??

  14. Lia De Inda Dani

    These guys really remember me of this video I've seen recently about toxic positivity. Edit: this video about the toxic world of self help: usfilm.info/fire/mNCFin6ieqSEsJ0/video.html

  15. Zander Kubista

    1:24-1:33 *Vsauce theme plays*

  16. E Dab

    9:54 Dark-Mode Drew

  17. Adam Jacques

    Appreciate the Wicked reference.

  18. Enough is Enough

    "I can still do maths baby!" Says 0 -1 is 0. It's minus one champ. Nice attempt stick to youtube

  19. alex jones

    drew if you did your hair like that dude, you would look _very alike_

  20. margaret thatcher

    Thanks for the video, Drew! I’m not watching it

  21. Hayden Rogers

    Pretty sure that Josh is just an older Drew

  22. Shea Carlson

    I don’t like star wars that much, but when I seen that video I couldn’t help but smile.

  23. Determined Shannon

    someone said it omg

  24. Mr Blyat

    Many of your suggested topics can be found on the minimalist podcast, which is free on spotify. I've followed these guys for a while and they seem really genuine and positive - just take that into account before you compare them to someone like Charles manson ✌

  25. Colin McGee

    I like your "is this it" vinyl.

  26. Paige Johnson

    drop the skin care routine

  27. Bandito Dorito

    Lol he put #slave

  28. Sunshine Party

    Drew’s secret to happiness: Amanda 💕

  29. paranormal lazivity

    I don’t need my inhaler. so i’ll just thro-

  30. nevermind

    I don't really care about tv but we should have a nationalized internet provider, as internet access is a borderline necessity now

  31. Eliana Torres

    Listening to this is mentally making me unstable

  32. Zebeylin

    With every sentence I keep expecting them to start talking about how god should fill my life instead of material wants.

  33. Cyclops

    In the world of minimalism you don't need money. Give it to me and you will be happy.

  34. rachel107511

    I've been called a minimalist and am in minimalist communities online. I got rid of a good chunk of crap I didn't use, that made me feel bad about myself, etc. I now learned most stuff is inherently worthless, and usually you can find the things you need if you look for free/cheap (clothes, books, furniture, you name it). Or you just don't need it and you want it because you saw an ad for it. I did it after watching these guys first documentary and reading other work from people who have a similar mindset. Everyone who subscribes to minimalism in most online spaces think these guys are weird charlatans. Their podcast is derivative. There are so many authors and voices contributing how their limited consumption helped them save money, or lose weight, or changed their morning routine/lives for the better. How their state of mind shifted as they got rid of things. They also do this thing where they *insist* on front hugging people as a form of greeting, which is highly off putting.

  35. im bored

    when the group was doing comit vocal warmups its says with subtitles on it says FALSE HARMONIZING

  36. Jason Arbona

    i'm 14 and i still dont have a phone. i had gotten an ipod on xmas when i was 12 but never used it i fact i had lost it on my birthday and did not even know i had lost it because i dont use it

  37. Sam S.

    *you could make a religion out of this*

  38. Krizia-That-One-Person

    A teacher I had in high school put on this documentary so that she could silently cry at her desk

  39. Jamie

    Take a shot every time they say "stuff" we'd be dead in minutes.

  40. Aries Forever

    finally somebody said it

  41. Nishit Sanil

    When drew finds out Matt directed Less is now👀

  42. shannon abrams

    The guy with the short hair looks like Christopher Walken

  43. Wxnnie


  44. Please_go_away

    antiques make me happy so yes stuff makes me happy 😳

  45. eff

    intro subtitles so i dont have to keep on rewatching this part drew: hey guy welcome back to the first video on the channel on youtube posted by my butt danny: what's up greg welcome back to another episode of beggars can be choosers

  46. Hayden Pace

    the words on the screen are giving me I Am Second vibes

  47. Tasty Pancake

    Eh give it a couple months musically will be dead by then.

  48. Tiana Little

    One if the guys looks like an older version of Drew.

  49. Roundhouse

    My mum is obsessed with their podcast

  50. Piuqué M.

    I follow Matt D'Avella on youtube, the literal director of the movie and friend of the guys and I was actually kinda excited to watch the documentary since I watched the first one they made. I'm gonna get "spoilers" but I'm super curious to see some good criticism about it 👁👁

  51. Chatham Briggs

    "How did you stop smoking?" My Grandfather: They raised the price by a whole nickel and I ain't about that life.

  52. Just in

    It isn't culty. It's douchey.

  53. Tricia A

    Wait till he finds out pastor do exactly that sermon

  54. Jodie Dunn

    these people are money hungry! They're not minimalists and they are contradicting themselves.. hahaha no hate but it certainly makes you think about their fans. People will believe anything!!

  55. Debajit

    im gonna smmarise the whole show for you: I'm indian and that's funny (IM NOT WHITE)

  56. Alex OJ

    I hate the Genesis ads showing their new luxury cars with cringe generic rock for 4 minutes straight before these vids 🥲

  57. hunnr

    You have no idea how happy that Dave Ramsey clip makes me

  58. Bizzy Bee

    Drew: *talking about something* me: haha stickman go boing boing

  59. Elena ___

    5:08 and I git rid of that...by getting rid of stuff..😎

  60. Revi Bennett

    Minimalist with the most expensive laptops money can buy...lol.

  61. ‘—Coconut Milkshake—‘

    *how did he even have a girlfriend?* Her friends are like: *as long as ur happy-*

  62. ຸ

    drew goodn

  63. some kid

    so many weirdos are from ohio - someone from ohio

  64. Fusion Cold

    pin that comment

  65. bum bo

    I thought it was doing the least things you can do in a do

  66. Mellowdee

    “5 dollars isn’t that much money” Says the adult begging ppl for 5 dollars

  67. caultfou

    am i the only person who thinks people who go from uncontrollable consumerism and hoarding to minimalist living in a tiny house with like 4 personal belongings and make a youtube channel about it need therapy more than anything else because they just switch one extreme thing for another and thats surely a sign of deep issues? like they probably dont need help with their relationship with money and stuff but with their entire personality lol?

  68. Merritt Heilman

    "The Minimalists" podcast makes me so uncomfy. I found them through their book which was decent, but they really are running out of relatable ways to discuss minimalism without acknowledging the priveliage they have and the spectrum of minimalism that can better serve different people.

    1. Merritt Heilman

      LOL didn't realize they had FOUR books.... bruh

  69. iNeon _Playz

    When drew follows exactly what they say to do.

  70. Rudransh Ahuja

    Love how a video about minimalism has a vpn ad on it

  71. Niamh

    Who the hell is colon

  72. Revi Bennett

    Buy what makes you happy, do not listen to minimalist or materialist. Both are extreme cultist and fools.

  73. DuShaun Alderson-Claeys

    I get the annoying monologues, that’s because the main guy (Joshua) is a writer and tries to be prolific 😂 but overall, I think the documentary was good. Also, I think for Americans, there’s this need for a method or organisation to have a catch all title that’s marketable and attractive lol rather than being a way of life or common sense

  74. isabel donaldson

    i like how the money i spent on higher education led me to have to watch the first minimalism documentary for my environmental studies class and even at the time it pissed me off. i want my money back i’ll take shoes instead

  75. creepydude94

    Minimalism is devoid of charm and personality. Why is there so much focus on WHITE? Like damn you kids don't need 400 stuffed toys that's true, but is there a downside to painting their room green or something?

  76. Sileena Stevens

    I love the Minimalist podcast! But I did not like either documentary. Both documentaries focused mostly on how horrible their childhoods were, instead of how minimalism can be beneficial. I wish there was more focus on the financial benefits, health benefits, environmental benefits, etc. of minimalism. And yes, the documentaries were exactly the same, except Dave Ramsey showed up to yell at us.

  77. Helium Valentine

    I saw a couple vids of hers on yt a few years ago and she wasn't funny there either. Skits were ok, but she couldn't deliver. I was fascinated by her success.

  78. Regina DeMaio

    when he says "our memories are not in our things" that pisses me off so much. im not going to get of keepsakes from my grandparents or other loved ones thank you very much

  79. Katie Anne

    Drew is cool.

  80. Sparkle Motion

    I tried it because I don't like clutter and I care about the environment. Well, I don't think I have ever both so much stuff stuff since then and regretted everything I gave away. Because I don't have much money and only buy what I need. Everything I buy I have been thinking about for weeks if not months.